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Dexter – Main Title

My previous post, “Masters of Sex,” feels a lot like this. Inspired by, to be sure. Copied? Perhaps. It could be the reason Showtime likes Masters so much. Notice the almost identical “key and doorknob” shot?

The TV title sequence is a branding endeavor and a legitimate art form. It is the sole, consistent, and iconic moment that carries through a show’s lifespan and beyond. It’s what you remember most. Digital Kitchen is the most Emmy-nominated firm in the category. These are little art films really, that find their own voice, all while arming audiences with each show’s unique psychology and worldview.

Dexter – Main Title from DIGITAL KITCHEN on Vimeo.

“Masters of Sex”

Pet that pussycat, pop that cork, grab that bull by the horns. The titles for Showtime’s highly acclaimed new series Masters of Sex take us on a cheeky ride of erotic euphemisms. Through liberal use of stock footage, animation, carnal close-ups, and clips of the clinical, Santa Monica-based studio Elastic playfully explores variations on taboo.

Article on the making of here.

“Masters of Sex” from Elastic on Vimeo.