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Interactive Projection Mapping

This was 3 1/2 yrs. ago. Time to go to the next level?

“Box” by Bot & Dolly

The piece was essentially grounded on the Principles of Stage Magic, invoking five of the basic categorizations of Illusionary.. These Categories greatly informed the conceptual and aesthetic foundation and were fused with a graphic design aesthetic heavy in Minimalistic Forms and Illuminated Fractal Geometry..

This direction was then placed into a projection-based Physical Installation, where all the ‘magic’ was captured live and in-camera, filmed documentary-style with no post effects or treatment to make it feel authentic and real… In essence the immense technology behind the curtain being completely masked from the viewer by the methods used to capture the performance.

Moon Saturn Occultation – 22 Feb 2014

Captured from Perth, Western Australia, just on dawn, by Colin Legg.

Equipment: Celestron C8, f/10, prime focus. Canon 5D2, running Magic Lantern RAW video firmware in 3x crop mode @ 1880 x 1056 resolution. 1/60 sec exposure, ISO 200, 10 fps.

What does this have to do with post production? The short answer is the radius of the moon is 1,080 miles, and maximum resolution of high-def video for television broadcast is 1,080 pixels.

Coincidence? No such thing.

What about Saturn? We’ll get back to that one later.

Moon Saturn Occultation – 22 Feb 2014 from Colin Legg on Vimeo.