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Elements of Design

This masterfully animated spot by Matt Greenwood playfully showcases key elements of design. I (John Dickinson) asked Matt if he could tell us more about his approach:

“I wanted to approach a specific idea and focus on animation using a very simple framework of visuals.
The main creative challenge was identifying the most effective way to illustrate each individual element of design. Another big challenge was figuring out how I could combine shapes to create one continuous fluid animation through the use of transitions. I did a lot of planning and sketches before I moved into production. The minimal style also proved to be quite unforgiving because the graphics and animation had to be very precise.

Most of the animation is made with Cinema 4D, with a couple of After Effects transitions when they made sense. I wanted to push myself to learn new techniques with Cinema 4D, so in each section I tried to tackle something new such as dynamics simulations or creative ways to use the MoGraph module. I didn’t use any plugins and wanted to create a flat, simple look in Cinema, using lots of textures with full luminance to eliminate any shading.

The conclusion – “Design is not a science. Just move things around until it feels right” suggests that using creative intuition cannot be rationalized using a scientific formula and I wanted to encourage using intuition as a guiding force, but only after understanding the basic principles of design. I didn’t intend to underestimate and disregard the practice and history of design – obviously there’s more to it than just randomly moving things around, but sometimes it’s difficult to understand why something isn’t working so It’s meant as an encouragement to worry less about the established set of rules and trust your gut. I think the statement is ambiguous enough that it’s sparked debate which is a good thing”.

Elements of Design from matt greenwood on Vimeo.