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FOX SPORTS – FIFA Women’s World Cup

Check the Case Study here:

FOX SPORTS – FIFA Women's World Cup from STATE DESIGN on Vimeo.

FOX Sports – FIFA Women's World Cup 2015

STATE Design Credits:
Creative Director – Marcel Ziul
Producer: Alex dos Santos
General Manager: Tais Marcelo
Art Directors: Marcel Ziul, Phil Guthrie
3D Lead: Mauro Borba
Animators: Phil Guthrie, Mauro Borba, Diego Coutinho, Regis Camargo, Marcel Ziul
Illustrator / Designer: Bruna Imai

Illustrations by: Peter Strain

FOX Sports credits:
EVP/Head of Marketing: Robert Gottlieb
SVP On-Air Promotions: Bill Battin
VP Creative: Blake Danforth
VP Marketing: Keith Hritz
Creative Director: Steven Lewis
Director On-Air Promotions: Jason O'Leary
Producer: Justin Greenlee
Audio: Chris Fina
Editor: Jeff Skinner

Check the Case Study here:

Nike ~ KD7

Nike launch the 7th signature shoe for Kevin Durant. Kevin is clearly one of the most versatile players in the world using multiple ways to strike.

The key product story for the KD7 is ‘Relentless Attack’ which we used as our starting point for the creative. Our system spontaneously transitions between KD’s calm state represented by the shoe, and his unpredictable attacking moves.

Nike ~ KD7 from ManvsMachine on Vimeo.

Inside Out (Fabrizio Moretti Remix)

Originally, “Inside Out” was just this piano and vocal song, which was great, but I wanted it to have a little bit more to it and not just be some kind of silly ballad. I said to Jim, “Why don’t we do it like a Dr. Dre song?” I was obsessed with Dr. Dre’s 2001 album and I wanted to do something like that. 2001 is a great-sounding record. There are so many great tunes on it. It’s got a hell of an attitude.

~ Britt Daniel

See the pitchfork interview here.

Inside Out (Fabrizio Moretti Remix) from Loma Vista on Vimeo.

Marvel’s Daredevil – Opening Titles

From Elastic.

Creative Director | Patrick Clair
Designer(s) | Paul Kim, Kevin Heo, Yi-Jen Liu, Henry DeLeon
Producer | Carol Salek
Production Coordinator | Kyle McIntyre
Executive Producer | Jennifer Sofio Hall
CG Lead | Andrew Romatz
2D Artist | David Do
3D Artists | Miguel A. Salek, Vivian Su, Katie Yoon, Erin Clarke, Kirk Shintani, Jose Limon, Jon Balcome
Compositor: Shahana Khan
VFX Editor Arielle Zakowski

Marvel's "Daredevil" Main Title from Elastic on Vimeo.